Best Overall/People’s Choice Ute: The Best overall is what all Ute enthusiasts dream of winning. This Ute stands out in the crowd and captures the eye of the public. This category requires perfection, style, originality, and mechanical finesse. Areas of judging include: body and paint work, interior trim, undercarriage, tub condition, customisation and modification, presentation, and any unique special touches.

Best CHICKS Ute: The Chicks Ute must be registered solely in a female’s name and be quintessentially girly. The Ute shows you are proud to be a Ute loving chick. Areas of judging include consistency of theme, presentation, unique special touches, body and paint work and interior.

Best BNS Ute: The BNS Ute shows evidence of attendance on the BNS circuit with more stickers than paint and more ear tags and flags than any Ute should have. With badges, aerials, mudflaps, roll bar, bull bar, spotlights, and more lights than a road train the Ute shows you are a loud and proud Aussie BNS Ute fan.

Best Street Ute: The street Ute is solely tailored for street driving. It shows immaculate presentation and precise detail dedicated to the whole vehicle with or without modifications.

Best CHICKS 4WD: Must be solely registered in a female’s name and be quintessentially girly with unique special female touches, consistency of theme with also best representing the 4WD of an off-road enthusiast. This Ute is not afraid to go anywhere whether it is in constant 4WD or part-time. It has all the modifications and customisation that a 4WD needs to climb Rocky Mountains, wade through deep water or through the boggy sand dunes. Areas of judging can include 4WD accessories, custom modifications, and presentation.

Best BLOKES 4WD: Must be solely registered in a bloke’s name and be best representing that special manly touch of an off-road enthusiast. With its customisation and modifications that a 4WD needs to climb Rocky Mountains, wade through deep water or through the boggy sand dunes. Areas of judging can include 4WD accessories, custom modifications, and presentation.

Best RURAL Ute: This Ute must represent farm, station and/or the country lifestyle. Displays accessories, modifications or customisation that assist in the rural way of life. Areas of judging can include aerials, spotties, bull bar, feeding instruments, motorbike/quadbike accessories, dusty/dirty, first aid kit, tow bar, tipper tray, fencing equipment, and evidence of being in a paddock with livestock.

Best FERAL Ute: This Ute must represent serious feralness with its dents, scratches, dirty exterior and interior, bugs, rusty, enough stickers or modifications to be holding it together, broken bits, mismatched rims, and novelty items.

Best PRE 90’s Ute: This Ute will best represent the classic vehicle restored to or be in its original form from 30 years ago. With minimum modifications where legally required but still being able to identify the true make and model.

Best TOURING Ute: The touring Ute will best represent the travelling enthusiast, whether it’s for a day down the beach or travelling many kilometres across the country. The Ultimate touring rig will show how it’s used for everyday use in a home away from home situation. It will have accessories, modifications, and customisation for that off-grid home.

Best BURNOUT Ute: The Utes in this category represent the pure muscle and science that take place in most Motorsport! Competitors often take great pride in their cars with very distinct presentations from the most flashiest and meanest looking to the most roughest, whatever the entrants’ taste be, the presentation of this Ute is only the beginning. They must demonstrate – without a physical demonstration, how their car could pull off the meanest skid. One that produces the most smoke at the highest revs for an extended period of time. This is done through raw horsepower, upgraded or speciality diffs and gearboxes, upgraded or adjusted air intake systems and adjusted weight distribution and/or suspension!

Main Judging Points

Entries will be judged on; presentation of exterior, cab interior, engine bay, weld body or tray, tools, equipment, accessories and spares (layout and condition).

Presentations will be advised on the day. Please be ready!

Competitor Information

Competitors, please enter through the MAIN GATE where you will get ticked off the list and receive your wristbands. Head to the Ute Show area where you will be shown where to park and check in to receive your Competitors package. Please buy your tickets and choose your categories on Eventbrite.


There will be a new park up area in 2024. Please look out for the updated event ground map here.

No B.Y.O. allowed – due to licensed Sports Club on site and licensed bar areas during the event.

Strictly NO GLASS either – you will be camping on our football oval and the last thing we need is broken glass anywhere within the event area.

Please respect our camping and event rules. Thank you.

Eligibility to compete:

  1. Any REGISTERED vehicle that is classified as a UTE (tray back, well back, drop side or converted to a Ute) may be nominated by the owner and/or driver.
  2. If converted to a Ute a Certificate of Inspection will be required.
  3. The driver of the vehicle must have a current driver’s licence.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All competitors to be at the gate by 9 am and parked up on the grounds by 10 am on Saturday 1st of June.
  • All vehicles that are driven in are to be registered (covered by third-party insurance). If brought in on a car trailer please unload the vehicle and you will be directed where to park your trailer
  • Late arrivals may not be permitted to enter the competition.
  • Once on event grounds, the Committee will take no liability for any loss, damage or injury occasioned to or by any property exhibited, whether caused by or attributed to the negligence of the Committee or of its servants or agents or otherwise howsoever.
  • All vehicles are to stay at the competition site until 4 pm and all caution is to be taken when moving from the competition area. If camping, please feel free to stay parked where you are, or move to the campgrounds between 4-5 pm.
  • The judge’s decision is FINAL (the attendant of the vehicle may impress with a short sell during judging).
  • Accessories must be in working order to be included in the judge’s point

Conduct of Competitors (Drivers/Owners):

  1. Western Australian Road Rules apply to competitors both inside and outside of the venue.
  2. Rules applying to the Mullewa Event Grounds must be observed at all times.
  3. Speed must be limited as per Event Grounds signage or as directed.
  4. Vehicles are to be parked as directed and not moved unless directed by Judges.
  5. Intoxicated owners or drivers will be disqualified from the competition.
  6. Excessive noise levels will not be permitted. Burnouts or donuts will not be tolerated.
  7. Competitors may be asked to undergo a breathalyser test. Refusal will mean immediate disqualification.
  8. Any Owner/Driver behaving in a manner considered to be inappropriate will be disqualified.
  9. No animal skins/road kill is allowed in or on vehicles.
  10. No weapons (firearms/knives) allowed at either event including props.
  11. Any person not abiding by any of the above Rules will automatically be disqualified.
  12. Owners or Drivers of vehicles must remain with their vehicles while judging is in progress.

Entry fee: Please head over to the 10th Annual Mullewa Muster & Rodeo Tickets, Sat 01/06/2024 at 10:00 am | Eventbrite to purchase your Beaut Ute entry ticket and select your choice of categories.

Contact: Sammy Walton at 0428269035 or or Mullewa Muster & Rodeo’s website or Facebook page.